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Project Description
Diskit is used for manipulating virtual/physical disk and partitions, filesystems on it. This tool is useful to gurues developing an operating system, providing an easy way to make an virtual disk image.

DisKit is a tool that manipulates various hard disk formats: physical disk, raw disk image, VHD, VMDK, VDI, etc. DisKit provides functionalities such as partitioning, formatting or creating file systems and simple file operations. DisKit is designed to provide OS developers a powerful tool to quickly combine OS files directly into a hard disk or image, no longer needing those terrible ISO, floppy, etc.

DisKit is supposed to be platform-independent, providing command interaction interface and scripting file interface. As for extensions, GUI wrappers may be provided too. The GUI wrapper can be used like WinImage, while the legacy batch scripting file can be well integrated with a Makefile or so.

DisKit is one of the fundamental tools of my another project, Kuaf, an operating system based on OpenSolaris. So the first file system implementations in DisKit would be ZFS and FAT32. More file system implementations may be added later. Hoping this is not so long :)

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